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Please Read The Fine Print

It’s been said that “the sales brochure giveth and the fine print taketh away.” On this episode, we’ll talk about some of the things we hear from people when they don’t pay enough attention to the fine print.


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Show Notes: 

0:38 - Main Topic: Fine Print

4:03 - Increase On Long Term Care Insurance

5:42 - High Fees On Annuity

7:03 - Mutual Fund Performance

8:40 - Life Insurance Increase

10:23 - REITs

13:57 - Mailbag: Elizabeth Asks What To Do With Her Inheritance Money

Getting It Right: Irreversible Financial Decisions

There are plenty of decisions that you’ll make in the retirement planning process that can’t be undone, so you want to make sure that you make the right call. On this episode, we’ll explain why these decisions are so important and can’t be undone.


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Show Notes: 

0:35 - Main Topic: Irreversible Financial Decisions

1:29 - Social Security

4:30 - Spousal Benefits For A Pension

6:01 - Getting Life Insurance

8:59 - Choosing A Retirement Date

10:57 - Mailbag: Grace Asks About Keeping Finances Separate In A Marriage

14:06 - Upcoming Webinar

Planning For Retirement’s Uncertainties

There are many things that we know we’ll have to deal with in retirement, we just don’t know how to predict when or to what degree. How do you construct a plan that deals with the unpredictability of these different factors?


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Show Notes: 

0:50 - Webinar

2:21 - Main Topic: Planning For Retirement’s Uncertainties

2:47 - Be Flexible

4:14 - Longevity

5:32 - Interest Rates Going Up

7:18 - Future Tax Rates

10:52 - How Do We Plan For These Items?

12:26 - Social Security

15:37 - Stock Market Returns

17:30 - Inflation

22:27 - Mailbag: Jim Asks About Where He Can Save Money For Retirement

Going Against The Grain

Being a good advisor isn’t about winning a popularity contest or just saying the same things that everyone else in the industry says. It’s about giving the best advice that you can for each individual situation. On today’s show, we’re going to peel back the curtain to discuss some areas where a good financial advisor’s opinions might go against the grain with mainstream ideas in the industry.


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Show Notes: 

0:43 - Webinar

2:08 - Main Topic: Against The Grain

4:11 - Appropriate Amount Of Risk

6:00 - Appropriate Use Of Life Insurance

8:09 - How To Handle Debt

9:27 - Paying Off The House

11:11 - Annuities

12:25 - Mutual Funds

14:13 - How Much Cash Should You Have?

16:17 - Mailbag: Carrie Asks If It’s Okay To Use Commissions For Her Retirement Savings

Financial Planning Considerations When You’re In Between Jobs

Finding yourself between jobs can be frustrating—whether you were fired, laid off, or just had to step away of your own choosing. But it can also present some opportunities. Let’s discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that you need to consider if you’re between jobs.


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Show Notes: 

0:33 - Main Topic: Financial Planning Considerations When You’re In Between Jobs

3:00 - Career Change

4:07 - Self Employment

6:37 - Health Insurance

9:00 - Rolling Over Your 401(k)

10:34 - Severance Package

14:04 - Taxes

16:48 - Mailbag: Rita Asks If She Needs A Financial Advisor

Tough Topic: Retirement & Divorce

Going through a divorce at any age is difficult, but doing it near or in retirement adds all sorts of additional complications. On this episode, we’ll talk about some of the financial mistakes we see people make in the midst of a divorce.


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Show Notes: 

1:41 - Being a certified divorce planner

2:37 - Choosing the house as a safety blanket

5:37 - The tax implications of retirement funds

7:28 - Qualified domestic relations order 

11:11 - Going to a single tax status 

13:56 - Mailbag: Should I load up on stocks?

18:48 - Join us at future webinars!

Why Retirement Planning Ain’t What It Used To Be

In some ways, retirement planning was easier for past generations. Let’s explore how a good financial advisor helps people overcome the additional challenges of today. Our parents and grandparents may not have had to face these things, so just relying on the experiences of family members might not be enough to help us achieve our own financial success.


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Show Notes: 

1:07 - Main Topic: Retirement Planning Ain’t What It Used To Be

2:00 - Pensions

5:30 - Living Longer

8:54 - Interest Rates

11:49 - Too Much Information

14:45 - Mailbag: Marty Asks When He Should Get Back Into The Market

18:49 - Upcoming Workshops

Do You Concur? Picking Sides In Important Financial Debates

On this episode, we’ll try to pick sides of some important financial debates. From bonds to life insurance, credit card debt to starting Social Security, we’ll propose several different topics to see which sides of the debates you and your advisor should probably fall on.


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Show Notes: 

1:09 - Main Topic: Important Financial Decisions

1:46 - Paying Off The House

6:01 - Life Insurance

8:19 - Deferring Taxes

11:11 - Credit Cards

13:18 - Start Social Security As Soon As Possible

15:56 - Mailbag: Buddy Asks How To Fill Medicare Time Gap

17:49 - Upcoming Workshops

The Potential Forgiveness Of Student Loans Being Proposed

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic of discussion right now. Many people fear the cost of something like this and the lessons it will teach the younger generation, while others argue the cost of higher education is exorbitant and we need to extend help for those who have a lot of debt. There are both pros and cons to each side that we will be discussing on today's show.


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Show Notes: 

2:00 - Main Topic: Potential Student Loan Forgiveness

3;19 - Lessons Learned

7:37 - Boost In GDP

9:12 - Getting A Plan

11:11 - Knee Jerk Reactions

13:48 - Mailbag: Janice Asks About Finding The Right Advisor

17:36 - Workshops & Webinars

The New Assessment Of The Costs Of Healthcare In Retirement

Healthcare can be one of the biggest expenses in retirement and it keeps steadily increasing. We will look at some statistics and numbers as it relates to paying for healthcare and how to plan for these costs.


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Show Notes: 

2:23 - Main Topic: The Rise Of Healthcare Costs

4:17 - Medicare Premiums

6:10 - Early Retirement

8:06 - Social Security Percentage

9:04 - How To Combat Rising Costs

13:05 - Mailbag: Ross Asks About Tax Implications When Selling An Inherited House

Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics

Sure, life insurance is one of the more boring topics to cover on a podcast. And a lot of what you hear is going to warn you why you should NOT get various types of life insurance. But our goal on this episode is to focus on the positive and analyze the reasons why you should get life insurance, or at least consider it. Many people think that once the kids are out of the house, you don’t need insurance anymore. But there are some other reasons why life insurance can be a useful part of your retirement plan.


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Show Notes: 

1:32 - Main Topic: Why You Should Consider Life Insurance

2:54 - Income Replacement

4:37 - Tax-Free Income

8:40 - Long Term Care Coverage

10:05 - Second Topic: American Retirement Statistics

10:52 - Retirement Age & Income

11:57 - Life Expectancy

14:12 Long Term Care

18:23 - Mailbag: Catherine Asks For Advice On Investing A Lump Sum Of Money

Financial Terms & Housing Questions In Retirement

There are some important terms you’re going to come across as you prepare for retirement. Having a basic understanding of these will help you achieve financial success, so we’ll cover what they mean and what you should know on today’s episode. And don’t worry. We won’t go quite so far down the rabbit hole where we expect you to be able to explain how a company’s P/E ratio meshes with it’s Alpha and Beta ratings to determine how much stock you should buy.


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Show Notes: 

1:24 - Main Topic: Financial Jargon

2:00 - Fiduciary

3:50 - Volatility

5:29 - Risk Tolerance

6:27 - Dollar Cost Averaging

8:26 - Asset Allocation

10:22 - Second Topic: Common Housing Questions

10:50 - Does It Make Sense To Pay Off The House?

12:22 - Signing It Over To A Family Member

15:17 - Reverse Mortgage

17:08 - Mailbag: Tracy Asks What To Do If You’re Too Scared To Put A Plan Together

Understanding Financial Jargon: Advisor Designations & Definitions

It does seem like anyone can call themselves a financial advisor these days. So how can you sort through the different levels of qualification in the industry? On this episode, we’ll try to explain some of the most common designations you’ll encounter on your financial planning journey.


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Show Notes: 

1:18 - Main Topic: Financial Jargon

2:04 - IAR & RIA

4:28 - Different Licenses

8:23 - College Degree

10:51 - Mailbag: Doug Asks How 401(k) Rollovers Work

13:57 - What’s Buggin’ Charles?

When Guessing At Retirement’s Most Important Questions Goes Wrong

Most people, when trying to plan their retirement, have to guess about the answers to some important questions. Let’s talk about some of those questions and why you need to have a better answer than just a guess.


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Show Notes: 

1:21 - In The News: Inflation

7:24 - Main Topic: Guessing In Retirement

7:43 - How Much Money Will We Need Monthly In Retirement?

9:36 - Emergency Fund

12:05 - Plan For Inflation

14:30 - Healthcare Costs

16:58 - Mailbag: George Asks About Diversification In His IRA

What They’re Saying: What Is The Most Important Part Of Retirement Planning?

We all should realize that planning for retirement is relatively complex. There are a lot of different moving parts and factors to consider. Adjusting any of these variables can impact the end result. But is there one part of the retirement planning process that’s most important? We’ve assembled several opinions on the topic from across the internet. Let’s see if the advice hits the mark or needs further exploration.


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Show Notes: 

2:12 - Main Topic: Most Important Parts Of Retirement Planning

2:41 - Start Now

3:50 - Risk Tolerance

5:47 - How To Make Your Retirement Fulfilling

7:49 - Sam Asks About A Life Insurance Strategy

10:09 - Charles Explains His Newest Certification

Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor?

Some people feel that they’ll save money by handling their investments themselves instead of working with an advisor. Others may like the challenge of doing it themselves. Still others just don’t know who to trust so they end up not working with anyone. Let’s talk about some reasons that you might need an advisor.


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Show Notes: 

1:37 - Main Topic: Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor?

2:15 - You’re A Procrastinator

4:31 - You Have No Idea What To Do

7:07 - You Want To Enjoy Retirement

9:33 - Mailbag: Vicky Asks If She Should Split Her Retirement Assets

13:03 - Charles Is Now A Certified Dementia Practitioner

What They’re Saying: 2022 Economic Predictions

At the beginning of every year, people love to make predictions and prognostications about what’s going to happen to the economy in the coming months. Let’s take a look at what the “experts” are saying about the economic outlook of 2022.


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Show Notes: 

2:03 - In The News: San Francisco Suspended The City’s Cannabis Tax

4:53 - Main Topic: 2022 Predictions

5:16 - Inflation

7:32 - GDP Forecast

11:29 - Mailbag: Steve Asks If It’s Wise For His Mom To Sign Over Her House To Him

15:05 - Mailbag: Laura Asks About Early Retirement Considerations

Retirement Potpourri: Fill In The Blank

Time for a little fun on this episode. We’ll use some fill in the blank prompts to spark good discussion about relationships between advisors and their clients, the stock market, common planning mistakes, and much more!


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Show Notes: 

1:15 - Main Topic: Fill In The Blank

1:30 - The Best Way To Be Sure You Don’t Run Out Of Money?

2:49 - The Stock Market Has The Ability To?

4:36 - First Time Clients Are Mostly Worried About?

6:15 - Most Common Mistake?

8:28 - The Most Gratifying Part Of The Job?

11:09 - Mailbag: Cliff Asks How Much Company Stock Is Too Much

13:12 - Mailbag: Rebecca Asks How To Stay Motivated When Saving For Retirement

22 Resolutions for 2022, Part 2

This is part 2 to our resolutions for 2022. See if you might be able to implement a couple of these to kick off the new year in good, financial health.


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Show Notes: 

2:20 - Check Your Credit

4:00 - Check Your Fees

6:36 - Share Your Knowledge

8:49 - Donation Opportunities

10:52 - Review Your Tax Bracket

13:13 - Ask If A Roth Conversion Is Right For You

14:48 - Update Your Paycheck Withholdings

15:52 - Rebalance Your Portfolio

16:56 - Plan Your Transition To Retirement

19:02 - Consolidate Accounts

20:25 - Listen To More Episodes Of This Podcast

22 Resolutions for 2022, Part 1

You might not be able to follow through on all 22 of these resolutions, but implement even just a few of these and you’ll be well on your way to a more prosperous financial life in the coming year. We will go over the first 11 resolutions on today's show.


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Show Notes: 

0:34 - Main Topic: 22 Resolutions For 2022

2:24 - Reduce Your Debt

3:50 - Boost Your Retirement Savings

5:15 - Emergency Fund

6:18 - Don’t Overreact To Headlines

7:46 - Implement A Budget

9:08 - Meet With A Financial Professional

10:48 - Check Beneficiary Designations

12:24 - Have Tough Conversations

13:54 - Audit Your Insurance

15:19 - Refinancing Your Mortgage

16:44 - Get Organized

18:10 - What’s A Fiduciary?

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