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The New Assessment Of The Costs Of Healthcare In Retirement

Healthcare can be one of the biggest expenses in retirement and it keeps steadily increasing. We will look at some statistics and numbers as it relates to paying for healthcare and how to plan for these costs.


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Show Notes: 

2:23 - Main Topic: The Rise Of Healthcare Costs

4:17 - Medicare Premiums

6:10 - Early Retirement

8:06 - Social Security Percentage

9:04 - How To Combat Rising Costs

13:05 - Mailbag: Ross Asks About Tax Implications When Selling An Inherited House

Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics

Sure, life insurance is one of the more boring topics to cover on a podcast. And a lot of what you hear is going to warn you why you should NOT get various types of life insurance. But our goal on this episode is to focus on the positive and analyze the reasons why you should get life insurance, or at least consider it. Many people think that once the kids are out of the house, you don’t need insurance anymore. But there are some other reasons why life insurance can be a useful part of your retirement plan.


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Show Notes: 

1:32 - Main Topic: Why You Should Consider Life Insurance

2:54 - Income Replacement

4:37 - Tax-Free Income

8:40 - Long Term Care Coverage

10:05 - Second Topic: American Retirement Statistics

10:52 - Retirement Age & Income

11:57 - Life Expectancy

14:12 Long Term Care

18:23 - Mailbag: Catherine Asks For Advice On Investing A Lump Sum Of Money

Financial Terms & Housing Questions In Retirement

There are some important terms you’re going to come across as you prepare for retirement. Having a basic understanding of these will help you achieve financial success, so we’ll cover what they mean and what you should know on today’s episode. And don’t worry. We won’t go quite so far down the rabbit hole where we expect you to be able to explain how a company’s P/E ratio meshes with it’s Alpha and Beta ratings to determine how much stock you should buy.


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Show Notes: 

1:24 - Main Topic: Financial Jargon

2:00 - Fiduciary

3:50 - Volatility

5:29 - Risk Tolerance

6:27 - Dollar Cost Averaging

8:26 - Asset Allocation

10:22 - Second Topic: Common Housing Questions

10:50 - Does It Make Sense To Pay Off The House?

12:22 - Signing It Over To A Family Member

15:17 - Reverse Mortgage

17:08 - Mailbag: Tracy Asks What To Do If You’re Too Scared To Put A Plan Together

Understanding Financial Jargon: Advisor Designations & Definitions

It does seem like anyone can call themselves a financial advisor these days. So how can you sort through the different levels of qualification in the industry? On this episode, we’ll try to explain some of the most common designations you’ll encounter on your financial planning journey.


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Show Notes: 

1:18 - Main Topic: Financial Jargon

2:04 - IAR & RIA

4:28 - Different Licenses

8:23 - College Degree

10:51 - Mailbag: Doug Asks How 401(k) Rollovers Work

13:57 - What’s Buggin’ Charles?

When Guessing At Retirement’s Most Important Questions Goes Wrong

Most people, when trying to plan their retirement, have to guess about the answers to some important questions. Let’s talk about some of those questions and why you need to have a better answer than just a guess.


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Show Notes: 

1:21 - In The News: Inflation

7:24 - Main Topic: Guessing In Retirement

7:43 - How Much Money Will We Need Monthly In Retirement?

9:36 - Emergency Fund

12:05 - Plan For Inflation

14:30 - Healthcare Costs

16:58 - Mailbag: George Asks About Diversification In His IRA

What They’re Saying: What Is The Most Important Part Of Retirement Planning?

We all should realize that planning for retirement is relatively complex. There are a lot of different moving parts and factors to consider. Adjusting any of these variables can impact the end result. But is there one part of the retirement planning process that’s most important? We’ve assembled several opinions on the topic from across the internet. Let’s see if the advice hits the mark or needs further exploration.


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Show Notes: 

2:12 - Main Topic: Most Important Parts Of Retirement Planning

2:41 - Start Now

3:50 - Risk Tolerance

5:47 - How To Make Your Retirement Fulfilling

7:49 - Sam Asks About A Life Insurance Strategy

10:09 - Charles Explains His Newest Certification

Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor?

Some people feel that they’ll save money by handling their investments themselves instead of working with an advisor. Others may like the challenge of doing it themselves. Still others just don’t know who to trust so they end up not working with anyone. Let’s talk about some reasons that you might need an advisor.


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Show Notes: 

1:37 - Main Topic: Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor?

2:15 - You’re A Procrastinator

4:31 - You Have No Idea What To Do

7:07 - You Want To Enjoy Retirement

9:33 - Mailbag: Vicky Asks If She Should Split Her Retirement Assets

13:03 - Charles Is Now A Certified Dementia Practitioner

What They’re Saying: 2022 Economic Predictions

At the beginning of every year, people love to make predictions and prognostications about what’s going to happen to the economy in the coming months. Let’s take a look at what the “experts” are saying about the economic outlook of 2022.


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Show Notes: 

2:03 - In The News: San Francisco Suspended The City’s Cannabis Tax

4:53 - Main Topic: 2022 Predictions

5:16 - Inflation

7:32 - GDP Forecast

11:29 - Mailbag: Steve Asks If It’s Wise For His Mom To Sign Over Her House To Him

15:05 - Mailbag: Laura Asks About Early Retirement Considerations

Retirement Potpourri: Fill In The Blank

Time for a little fun on this episode. We’ll use some fill in the blank prompts to spark good discussion about relationships between advisors and their clients, the stock market, common planning mistakes, and much more!


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Show Notes: 

1:15 - Main Topic: Fill In The Blank

1:30 - The Best Way To Be Sure You Don’t Run Out Of Money?

2:49 - The Stock Market Has The Ability To?

4:36 - First Time Clients Are Mostly Worried About?

6:15 - Most Common Mistake?

8:28 - The Most Gratifying Part Of The Job?

11:09 - Mailbag: Cliff Asks How Much Company Stock Is Too Much

13:12 - Mailbag: Rebecca Asks How To Stay Motivated When Saving For Retirement

22 Resolutions for 2022, Part 2

This is part 2 to our resolutions for 2022. See if you might be able to implement a couple of these to kick off the new year in good, financial health.


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Show Notes: 

2:20 - Check Your Credit

4:00 - Check Your Fees

6:36 - Share Your Knowledge

8:49 - Donation Opportunities

10:52 - Review Your Tax Bracket

13:13 - Ask If A Roth Conversion Is Right For You

14:48 - Update Your Paycheck Withholdings

15:52 - Rebalance Your Portfolio

16:56 - Plan Your Transition To Retirement

19:02 - Consolidate Accounts

20:25 - Listen To More Episodes Of This Podcast

22 Resolutions for 2022, Part 1

You might not be able to follow through on all 22 of these resolutions, but implement even just a few of these and you’ll be well on your way to a more prosperous financial life in the coming year. We will go over the first 11 resolutions on today's show.


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Show Notes: 

0:34 - Main Topic: 22 Resolutions For 2022

2:24 - Reduce Your Debt

3:50 - Boost Your Retirement Savings

5:15 - Emergency Fund

6:18 - Don’t Overreact To Headlines

7:46 - Implement A Budget

9:08 - Meet With A Financial Professional

10:48 - Check Beneficiary Designations

12:24 - Have Tough Conversations

13:54 - Audit Your Insurance

15:19 - Refinancing Your Mortgage

16:44 - Get Organized

18:10 - What’s A Fiduciary?

Quit Cutting Corners In Financial Planning

Let’s look at the ways that some people try to cut corners in their retirement planning.


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Show Notes: 

0:38 - Thanksgiving

2:54 - Main Topic: Quit Cutting Corners In Financial Planning

3:33 - Getting Legal Documents In Place

6:53 - Not Getting Organized

8:57 - Avoiding Long Term Care Discussion

13:21 - Mailbag: Elizabeth Asks If She Should Rollover Her Pension Fund

16:41 - Mailbag: Mary Asks If It's Wise To Start Budgeting

Retirement Jigsaw Puzzle

To successfully complete a jigsaw puzzle, there are some strategies that you’ll want to keep in mind. And many of those same strategies apply to retirement planning.


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Show Notes: 

0:44 - Main Topic: Retirement Jigsaw Puzzle 

2:05 - The Big Picture

3:47 - Building The Framework

5:08 - Sorting Out Your Priorities

8:30 - End Game

11:34 - Mailbag: Wade Asks About Early Retirement

16:46 - Mailbag: Vicki Asks About Working In Order To Receive The Maximum Social Security Benefit

Financial Temptations

Having a good financial plan can help you resist some of the financial temptations that the average person will face. Let’s talk about some of these common temptations that we often see people fall victim to.


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Show Notes: 

1:15 - Big Purchases Before Retirement

5:21 - 401(k) Match

7:39 - Deferring Taxes

11:05 - Working Until You Die

13:14 - Relying On The Government

16:28 - Not Leaving The Kids Anything

19:22 - Roy Asks For Suggestions On How To Get His Spouse More Involved With Their Finances

Income Planning Essentials

Make sure you’re well-versed in these retirement income planning essentials before you head off into retirement.


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Show Notes: 

2:47 - Planning To Retire For Decades, Not Just Years

5:35 - The Rule Of 72

6:36 - Safe Investments

8:43 - Inflation

13:23 - Being Able To Narrow Down Information

16:22 - Self-Motivated

18:33 - Time To Work On Plan

How Age & Wisdom Play Into Financial Planning

There’s an old quote that says, “Age is the price of wisdom.” Let’s talk about how that applies to the financial world.


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Digital Minimalism:

Show Notes: 

2:19 - Age, Wisdom, & Information

4:52 - Things We Wished We Had Known Sooner

6:39 - Do People Tend To Worry About Finances More, Or Less When Approaching Retirement?

8:50 - Leaving A Legacy

12:18 - Mailbag: Karen Asks If She Should Use A Robo Advisor

15:42 - Summer Reading

Summer Break & Inflation

We are back after taking a short break for the summer. We catch up with what Charles has been up to all summer. We will also break inflation down with some simple examples.


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Show Notes: 

0:42 - Summer Break

2:55 - Definition Of Inflation

5:47 - Is It Temporary?

8:29 - Dealing WIth Inflation During Retirement

11:11 - Adding Tweaks To Your Plan

13:02 - Closing Thoughts

Financial Fact Or Fiction

Sometimes the easiest way to learn about something is make it really simple. Like some of the first true/false tests you might have taken in school, let’s play a round of fact or fiction to test your financial planning acuity.


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Show Notes: 

1:21 - How Would Charles Would Advise Warren Buffett

4:53 - Your Social Security Is Taxable

6:05 - Taxes Will Likely Be Lower in Retirement

9:05 - Term Life Insurance Is Better Than Whole Life Insurance

11:14 - Medicare Will Cover Most Of Your Needs In Retirement

13:27 - The Older We Get, We Should Shift From Stocks To Bonds

17:34 - Mailbag: Andy Asks How Much Of Your Portfolio Is It OK To Have In One Stock

Are You Flirtin’ With Disaster?

By ignoring the simplest fixes in your financial plan, you could be setting yourself up for a potential disaster. Don't wait until it's too late to make these changes.


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Show Notes: 

1:16 - Charles Shares His Picks For March Madness On The Men’s And Women’s Sides

3:04 - The Risk Of Having Out Of Date Legal Documents

5:06 - Not Correcting Beneficiary Designations

7:35 - Avoiding Tax Problems Of The Future

11:00 - Not Having A Plan For Long-Term Care Expenses

14:27 - Getting To Know You: What Is The Luckiest Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?

The Financial Dictionary

Let’s step into the classroom again to cover some financial buzzwords. Are these important to know? What are they? How do they impact you? We’ll answer those questions and more as we always look to educate you a little bit on the show.


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Show Notes: 

1:16 - Getting To Know: Favorite Restaurant?

3:07 - Main Topic: The Financial Dictionary

3:19 - The Go-Go Years 

4:55 - The High-Yield Bond/Junk Bond

7:08 - Index Fund

9:36 - Mailbag: Erin Asks About Financial Advisors Who Works Exclusively With High Net Worth Clients

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