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A 5 Question Retirement Preparedness Quiz

Want to grade your preparedness for retirement? Here are five key questions you need to ask yourself. Your answers will help determine how ready you are for retirement.


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Show Notes: 

1:29 - Main Topic: Retirement Preparedness Quiz

1:58 - Do You Know How Much You Have?

3:46 - Do You Know How Much You Spend?

6:05 - Do You Know How Much Risk You Have?

10:20 - Do You Know What You’re Paying In Fees?

12:44 - Do You Know What Your Retirement Income Streams Will Look Like?

16:30 - Getting To Know You: What’s Something You Look Back On And Say, “What Was I Thinking?”

Is Diversification For Suckers?

If you look up quotes about diversification from famous investors, you might come across one from renowned investor Warren Buffet that will certainly raise your eyebrows. It goes, “Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.” Yet, we’ve always heard about diversification being one of the keys to success for retirement planning. How can these seemingly different ideas both be right?


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

1:29 - Main Topic: Is Diversification For Suckers?

2:33 - How Does The Average Person Usually Define Diversification?

4:40 - Charles’ Perspective On Diversification

7:00 - How Much Does Charles See The Average Investor Placing An Emphasis On Diversification

8:00 - Is It Possible To Be Too Diversified?

11:58 - Mailbag: Diane Asks About Self-Insuring For Long-Term Care

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