Financial Choices Matter

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Financial Temptations

Having a good financial plan can help you resist some of the financial temptations that the average person will face. Let’s talk about some of these common temptations that we often see people fall victim to.


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Show Notes: 

1:15 - Big Purchases Before Retirement

5:21 - 401(k) Match

7:39 - Deferring Taxes

11:05 - Working Until You Die

13:14 - Relying On The Government

16:28 - Not Leaving The Kids Anything

19:22 - Roy Asks For Suggestions On How To Get His Spouse More Involved With Their Finances

Income Planning Essentials

Make sure you’re well-versed in these retirement income planning essentials before you head off into retirement.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

2:47 - Planning To Retire For Decades, Not Just Years

5:35 - The Rule Of 72

6:36 - Safe Investments

8:43 - Inflation

13:23 - Being Able To Narrow Down Information

16:22 - Self-Motivated

18:33 - Time To Work On Plan

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