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How Age & Wisdom Play Into Financial Planning

There’s an old quote that says, “Age is the price of wisdom.” Let’s talk about how that applies to the financial world.


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Show Notes: 

2:19 - Age, Wisdom, & Information

4:52 - Things We Wished We Had Known Sooner

6:39 - Do People Tend To Worry About Finances More, Or Less When Approaching Retirement?

8:50 - Leaving A Legacy

12:18 - Mailbag: Karen Asks If She Should Use A Robo Advisor

15:42 - Summer Reading

Summer Break & Inflation

We are back after taking a short break for the summer. We catch up with what Charles has been up to all summer. We will also break inflation down with some simple examples.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

0:42 - Summer Break

2:55 - Definition Of Inflation

5:47 - Is It Temporary?

8:29 - Dealing WIth Inflation During Retirement

11:11 - Adding Tweaks To Your Plan

13:02 - Closing Thoughts

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