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Financial Fact Or Fiction

Sometimes the easiest way to learn about something is make it really simple. Like some of the first true/false tests you might have taken in school, let’s play a round of fact or fiction to test your financial planning acuity.


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Show Notes: 

1:21 - How Would Charles Would Advise Warren Buffett

4:53 - Your Social Security Is Taxable

6:05 - Taxes Will Likely Be Lower in Retirement

9:05 - Term Life Insurance Is Better Than Whole Life Insurance

11:14 - Medicare Will Cover Most Of Your Needs In Retirement

13:27 - The Older We Get, We Should Shift From Stocks To Bonds

17:34 - Mailbag: Andy Asks How Much Of Your Portfolio Is It OK To Have In One Stock

Are You Flirtin’ With Disaster?

By ignoring the simplest fixes in your financial plan, you could be setting yourself up for a potential disaster. Don't wait until it's too late to make these changes.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

1:16 - Charles Shares His Picks For March Madness On The Men’s And Women’s Sides

3:04 - The Risk Of Having Out Of Date Legal Documents

5:06 - Not Correcting Beneficiary Designations

7:35 - Avoiding Tax Problems Of The Future

11:00 - Not Having A Plan For Long-Term Care Expenses

14:27 - Getting To Know You: What Is The Luckiest Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?

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