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The Financial Dictionary

Let’s step into the classroom again to cover some financial buzzwords. Are these important to know? What are they? How do they impact you? We’ll answer those questions and more as we always look to educate you a little bit on the show.


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Show Notes: 

1:16 - Getting To Know: Favorite Restaurant?

3:07 - Main Topic: The Financial Dictionary

3:19 - The Go-Go Years 

4:55 - The High-Yield Bond/Junk Bond

7:08 - Index Fund

9:36 - Mailbag: Erin Asks About Financial Advisors Who Works Exclusively With High Net Worth Clients

This Is Why You Never Assume

We often see people making certain assumptions about retirement that just aren’t correct. Let’s explore some of those on today's show.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

1:07 - Headline: General Motors Selling Only Electric Vehicles By 2035

4:42 - Main Topic: Never Make Assumptions

5:16 - I’ll Spend Less In Retirement

8:08 - My Taxes Will Be Lower In Retirement

10:19 - Helping Children

13:01 - I’ll Never Be Able To Retire

16:01 - Boe Asks If He Can Leave His Entire 401(k) To His Son

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