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Ep 21: The 401(k) FAQs

This episode is all about addressing the most frequently asked questions about 401(k)s.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

1:30 - Main Topic: 401(K) FAQs

1:49 - Taking A 401(K) Loan

4:13 - Roth Option

6:15 - Finding The Right Advisor

10:52 - Mailbag: Sally Asks If She Is Eligible For Half Of Her Ex-Husband’s Social Security Benefit

What Retirees Should Know About Wills & Trusts

People often overlook the estate planning side of preparing for retirement. There are a lot of misunderstandings about trusts and wills and the roles they play in the equation. On this episode, we’ll explore some of the critical questions you should ask about these strategies as you prepare for retirement.


Phone Number: 480-513-1830


Show Notes: 

1:29 - Main Topic: Wills & Trusts

2:03 - Why Are Wills & Trusts Important?

3:52 - How Do You Know If A Will Or Trust Is Right For You?

5:00 - A Will Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Avoid Probate

5:49 - Is A Trust Just For Money?

7:28 - How Much Do They Cost?

8:31 - What Role Does An Advisor Play When Considering These Options?

10:32 - Mailbag: Ian Asks If His Long-Term Care Policy Has Enough Coverage

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