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Longevity Risk

Living a long time isn’t supposed to be a bad thing and it almost seems counterintuitive to categorize it as a risk. But it is. Let’s take a look at how longevity plays a role in a financial plan and have an honest conversation about how deal with the “problem” of living too long.

Show Notes: 

1:12 - Main Topic - Longevity Risk

2:25 - How Old Is Your Oldest Client?

2:39 - Oldest Person In Your Family?

3:20 - Who Is The Oldest Person You Have Personally Known?

4:00 - Why Is Living Long Risky?

7:02 - Have People Prepared For Longevity Appropriately?

9:10 - Client Story

11:00 - Starting The Conversation

15:07 - Millie Says She Was Going To Get Serious About Retirement Within The Next Year, But Wants Out Of Her Job Now

Financial Issues Particularly Challenging For Women

Many financial issues impact us all the same. But, of course, other challenges have varying impacts from person to person because our situations are all unique. Let’s take a look at some of the financial and retirement challenges that are unique to women. We also discuss some rules of thumb and get Charles' take on them.

Show Notes: 

2:00 - Main Topic - Financial Issues That Are Challenging For Women

3:29 - Level Of Engagement Women Have Throughout Retirement Planning Process

5:00 - Spouse That Handled Money Passes Away First

6:49 - Why Do Some Women Find Themselves In A Difficult Situation?

8:14 - Specific Challenges Faced By A Widowed Woman

9:50 - Piece Of Advice For The Husbands

10:42 - Second Topic - Retirement Rules

11:06 - The 10%, 4%, 25X, & The 80% Rule

13:13 - The Rule Of 72

14:06 - The Rule of 2.67

15:14 - The Rule Of 100

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