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Are Complicated Portfolios Necessary?

How complex should a financial plan be? On one hand, a single page plan sounds nice and easy to understand. But is that comprehensive enough if it can fit on one page?

Show Notes: 

2:07 - Headline: The Market Rebounding

5:44 - Main Topic: Are Complicated Portfolios Necessary?

6:19 - What Do You Typically See When It Comes To The Length Of The Financial Plan?

7:11 - Misconception Between Portfolio And The Plan

8:49 - The Rule Of 11

10:22 - Not Every Advisor Is The Right Fit

13:44 - Mailbag: Nancy Asks If She Should Invest In Her Employer’s Stock

Are You Making These Classic Pre-Retiree Mistakes?

There are some financial planning blunders that are interesting to talk about but are quite rare in reality. On the other hand, there are some financial planning mistakes that happen far too often. Let’s talk about the mistakes so many people have made in the past it has made them “classic”.

Show Notes: 

1:13 - Headline: 72% Of American Say They Will Prioritize Financial Planning Once Pandemic Is Over

3:15 - Classic Pre-Retiree Mistakes

4:03 - Mistake #1: Investing Like You’re In Your 20’s

5:09 - Mistake #2: Taking Social Security As Soon As Possible

6:49 - Mistake #3: Focusing On Tax Preparation Rather Than Tax Planning

8:10 - Mistake #4: Assuming The Majority Of Healthcare Expenses Will Be Covered By Medicare

9:15 - Mistake #5: Taking On Additional Risk To Make Up For Lost Time

11:20 - Mailbag: Rork Asks If His Is Getting All The Information He Needs From His Financial Advisor

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